Environmental Law

Environmental Litigation and Advisement in Matters of:

  • Environmental land restructuring
  • Natural Protected Areas
  • Hazardous waste
  • Environmental Impact Waivers
  • Forest lands
  • Gas emissions into the atmosphere
  • Use of Federal Areas, land and sea
  • Levels of water contaminants
  • Levels of soil contaminants
  • Official Mexican Regulations in the following working areas:
    •  Lighting
    • Noise
    • Transportation and Handling of hazardous chemical substances
    • Fire prevention and protection
    • Chemical contamination agents
    • Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
    • Pressurized gas materials
    • Thermal conditions and vibrations

Collective environmental action

Right of use in national waters and disposing of water residue

Environmental Administration:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Import and Export of hazardous materials or residue
  • Environmental licenses for use in contaminants, hazardous materials or residue
  • Environmental impact authorizations
  • Clean company certificate

Legal defense before PROFEPA, SERMANAT, CONAGUA local environmental authorities, and Secretaría del Trabajo in the course of their environmental inspections on work spaces.

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